Hardware and controls

At STEINBAUER, you can order everything from one source. We develop based on your specifications the right hardware for you. From the specification to the maturity stage, we are the right partner for you.

In addition, we have a range of our own, already completed circuit boards, which we can deliver in time following your specifications

Our services

  • Use of existing hardware
    * Fast response to your requirements
    * ECE approval according to current guidelines
    * Produced in Austria
    * 100% Quality control
  • Development for new hardware
    * Tailored to your requirement
    * From the wiring diagram to the prototype, everything from one source
    * EMC and support for approval procedures (complete execution as an authorized representative upon request)
    * Made in Austria
    * Development of test equipment
    * Quality control at 100%

Special highlights

  • Analogous regulations
  • Digital regulations
    • PWM
    • Frequency signal
    • SENT
  • Bus systems
    • CAN
    • LIN
  • Automotive requirements


* Performance increase diesel and gasoline engines
* Exhaust valve regulation
* V-Max control
* Sound control
* Seat control
* Chassis control
* Differential control


Smart home
Control of electric motors

Certificates and permits

* All STEINBAUER products are tested according to the latest ECE EMC guidelines.